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Oh your car can drive itself? That’s cute. BMW’s can drift itself.

Is the ultimate driving machine a machine?

As self-driving cars prepare to silently run down the entire human race, many of you have probably asked yourselves the same question. But whether you’re pro self-driving cars or against them, the fact remains that the capabilities of computer-driven vehicles are rapidly increasing.

To prove this point, BMW has released a video of its M235i ‘ConnectedDrive’ prototype drifting alongside a drifting champion.

Well, sort of.

Though both cars hold a precise line around a circular skidpad, the ConnectedDrive prototype appears to be operating on a wet track, while the organically-driven car slides over a different patch of dry tarmac.

Still, the ConnectedDrive prototype performs impressively. With an unknown BMW employee behind the wheel, likely an unpaid intern there to pull the plug in case Skynet becomes self-aware, the M235i uses an array of computers and sensors to adjust steering and throttle inputs on the fly.

Of course, the video’s true purpose (outside of entertainment value) is to show how the autonomous tech can adapt to different traction conditions and maintain the precise control the brand is known for.

It’s also a trailer for BMW’s upcoming film entitled ‘The Drift Challenge,’ which will likely expand on the 71-second video you see above with more stunts and more computer-controlled sorcery.

Who will win in this man vs. machine challenge? Well, given the wet track and controlled conditions, the computer still has some learning to do. But if we’ve learned anything over the recent spike in autonomous technology, it’s that the world of technology won’t be far behind.