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‘It’s like surfing asphalt.’ Polaris teases its radical 3-wheeled Slingshot

What exactly does it mean to “surf asphalt?”

We’ll find out on July 27, when American motorcycle and ATV manufacturer Polaris debuts the tail-happy Slingshot, a vehicle Polaris is classifying as a “reverse trike.”

The three-wheeler has a 2.4-liter, General Motors four-cylinder at its heart and produces around 200 horsepower. A belt transfers force to the lone rear wheel, ensuring a slippery, drift-intensive experience for both passengers. As Polaris says, “Hold on. Let go.”

The Slingshot isn’t completely barren, though: it features luxurious elements such as electric power steering, ABS, and even traction control. There are no windows, windscreens, or entertainment, however there does appear to be a center screen of some kind.

As you can see from the leaked patent photos above, the Slingshot’s styling takes significant cues from the angular, shark-like KTM X-Bow. Save one hub of course.

It may have the most hype right now, but the Slingshot isn’t the first performance-focused reverse trike to hit the market. Polaris’ drift machine was designed to compete with the Campagna T-Rex, a frog-like three-wheeler that has ruled over the cyclecar market since the 1990s. The Slingshot has the advantage in power though; Campagna’s two-seater boasts 160 hp from its 1.6-liter BMW four-banger.

Polaris has just released the second installment the Slingshot’s four-part “Ignite Your Senses” teaser campaign, but it doesn’t go into much detail. Polaris uses words like “heart-pounding,” “breath-taking,” and “mind-blowing” though, which may be accurate given the reactions of the riders in the film.

The next teaser installments are scheduled for July 14 and July 21.

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