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CES space left by Microsoft sells in under an hour

ces-microsoftThe Consumers Electronics Show sees its last appearance by Microsoft this week, which meant on Tuesday morning, at the start of the sale of space for next year’s event, there were more than a few companies hoping to take over the computer giant’s prime location at the world’s largest consumer technology trade show.

According to a Cnet report, it took all of 45 minutes to sell the space, which was picked up by satellite TV provider Dish and Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense. It’s believed the cost of the space is the same as Microsoft would have paid for it had the company decided to come to the 2013 show.

After almost 20 years at CES, Microsoft made its final keynote at the show in Las Vegas on Monday in an address given by the company’s head honcho Steve Balmer. It also featured Ryan Seacrest and a “tweet choir.”

A report last month suggested that despite not having a stand at future CES shows, Microsoft hopes to work with other companies at the event that’ll be showcasing products using, for example, a Microsoft operating system, PC or mobile.

The Seattle-based company is reportedly quitting CES to pursue innovation and because the company’s “product news milestones generally don’t align with the show’s January timing,” Microsoft spokesperson Frank Shaw said.