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Best Buy no longer shipping MacBook Air, update likely imminent

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A new MacBook Air is coming, and soon, from Apple. It’s partially common sense; new models have been introduced every year since the product first launched in 2008. That’s not all we’re going on. It was rumored a few weeks ago that a new version of the ultraportable laptop would be coming this month. And while June’s days are starting to run short, further evidence has surfaced at Best Buy which suggests that the Air upgrade is imminent.

The electronics retailer’s entire stock of MacBook Air products, save one (the most expensive model), is no longer available for online purchase, AppleInsider notes. The laptop can still be purchased in stores, but it seems likely we won’t see that stock replenishing until there’s something newer to replenish it with. The Air can still be purchased online from other sources, including Apple’s own website, but if Best Buy is trying to clear out its warehouse of such a popular product, you can bet there’s a reason for it.

The new Air is expected to feature a Sandy Bridge processor and a Thunderbolt port. AppleInsider also previously reported that new Mac product reveals may be held back until after Lion, the latest version of Mac OS X, is released in July. Which is now days away. The Best Buy move doesn’t confirm anything, but it certainly drops a pretty strong hint.