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Dell Zings into Connected Media

Making a play in the streaming media space, Computer maker Dell has announced it plans to acquire Zing Systems, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Zing makes software and services which are designed to compliment “always connected” mobile audio and media players, providing tools that let users discover and play new media, and bookmark content they enjoy no matter where they are. Instead of passively tapping into streams, Zing enables users to integrate fresh content into their playlists, bookmark and collect media they like from streamed sources, and share playlists and other content with friends.

Zing is currently a software-based solution, and is currently available with selected SanDisk Sansa and Sirius Stiletto 100 players.

Dell is being tight-lipped about what it plans to do with Zing, saying merely that it plans to use Zing to improve digital entertainment options for its customers. Some speculation centers on Dell re-entering the portable media player market, which it abandoned last year when its Dell DJ devices failed to capture any significant consumer interest.