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HTPC Case Review: Silverstone Lascala


Although the small footprint and stylish aesthetics of most small form factor systems is great for home theater PCs, there are times when nothing less than a full ATX enclosure will do. Startfilling a home theater PC with multiple tuners, Wi-Fi, a high-end audio card, and multiple hard drives and you’ll quickly reach the expansion limits of even most Micro ATX cases platforms, not tomention the airflow disaster that results from cramming all that hardware into a tiny case.

Fortunately, manufacturers like Silverstone have started offering enclosures specifically designed for home theater applications. These cases are slim enough to slide into an entertainment center, stylish enough to blend in with swanky stereo equipment, and roomy enough to house full ATX motherboards, but are they really all that for home theater applications? Find out at The Tech Report.