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Need 4G LTE on your tablet? Surface 3 has you covered

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Ivan McClellan/Digital Trends

If you use a laptop or tablet on the move, keeping it connected isn’t always easy. Not every train, bus, or alternate transport option has been brought screaming into the 21st century with Wi-Fi support, so making sure you have a backup 4G connection can be paramount. That’s why Microsoft recently debuted an LTE-supporting version of its Surface 3 tablet, which it has now made available to potential buyers in the United States.

Originally shown off to European buyers earlier this month, the U.S. version of the Surface 4G LTE can now be purchased from participating retailers. Microsoft stores will also offer AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards for those that don’t already have their own, to make setup and connection as easy as possible.

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Those that want to go directly to their mobile provider however will be able to do so. AT&T stores should now have stock of the new convertible tablet, with T-Mobile outlets set to receive theirs in the next few days. Customers can expect to be able to purchase one through the T-Mobile @Work scheme on July 31.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that those purchased through a mobile provider may be locked to that particular network. In contrast, those purchased through Microsoft’s outlets are said to be unlocked, so should be able to utilize a SIM card from any mobile provider.

Other options for unlocked purchases include ABT, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Fry’s, Staples, Tiger Direct, and Walmart.

The Surface 3 4G LTE is available in two configurations, one with 64GB of on board storage and the other with an expanded 128GB. Otherwise they are identical to the standard Surface 3, packing an Intel Atom Z8700 CPU with Intel HD graphics, accompanied by 2GB of memory.