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XCOM 2 review

XCOM 2 avoids the “sophomore slump” and improves upon an already excellent game with this hotly-anticipated sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. See Full Review »

Our Score 10

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Far Cry Primal Review

  • Ride mammoths, sic saber-tooths, set fires!
  • Stone Age setting is perfect for an open world
  • Big moments are thrilling
  • Freedom to explore and tinker
  • Hunting, crafting, gathering become tedious and…
  • Exciting moments too few and far between
  • “Hunter Vision” over-simplifies core…
Our Score 7

Firewatch Review

  • Smart, well-acted, personal story of loss and love…
  • Hiking through Wyoming’s national forest is…
  • Strange discoveries and dialogue choices make for…
  • The game’s mystery solves itself
  • Choices don’t make much difference to story
  • Disappointingly linear
  • Hiking gameplay gets old in a hurry
Our Score 5

XCOM 2 Review

  • Everything great about Enemy Unknown, made better
  • Deep and rewarding strategic complexity
  • Punishing but fair challenge
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Full modding support at launch
  • None
Our Score 10

The Witness Review

  • Island setting inspires curiosity
  • Puzzles are simple, but hard to master
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Lack of hand-holding is refreshing
  • Puzzle difficulty and pacing can overwhelm
  • A few audio quirks
Our Score 9

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX Review

  • Packed full of content
  • Challenging rhythm game
  • Beautiful presentation
  • It features Hatsune Miku
  • Fun, varied control options
  • Niche appeal
  • Skewed to a younger audience
Our Score 8

Rainbow Six: Siege Review

  • Tactical gameplay requires brains, not reflexes
  • Well-built maps offer a huge variety of ways to…
  • Unlockable characters offer different roles
  • Emphasis on teamwork stands out from most other…
  • Progression system can be a slow, frustrating…
  • Multiplayer gets repetitive
  • Lack of single-player content makes the whole…
Our Score 7

Star Wars Battlefront Review

  • Sprawling worlds recreate the film’s big-screen…
  • Variety of play styles and modes
  • Beautifully renders the original trilogy’s…
  • Driving vehicles and flying ships is a blast
  • Huge battles can be chaotic and frustrating
  • Single-player offerings are thin and unengaging
  • Sometimes feels like a standard shooter with a…
Our Score 7

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

  • Brimming with intense action
  • Balance of open-world discovery, combat, and story…
  • Lara Croft remains one of gaming’s best…
  • Visually stunning
  • Solid mechanics, from climbing mountains to…
  • Lara’s ridiculous survival skills break…
  • Retreads familiar ground from previous title
  • “Survival vision” strips much of the challenge…
Our Score 8