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‘God of War’ review

In a new land, on a new journey, God of War evolves beyond the button-mashing action of its youth into an action game with engaging combat and an engrossing story. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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NBA 2K19 Review

  • Takeover system
  • Shot meter accuracy, options
  • Emphasis on playmaking
  • Better offensive/defensive balance
  • Steeper learning curve than previous games

God of War Review

  • Complex, fun combat
  • Intense, nuanced story
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Tons to do
  • Gear-based level system doesn’t really work
Our Score 9

Marvel's Spider-man Review

  • Web-slinging and swinging feels awesome
  • Combat can be fast and improvisational
  • Playing as Mary Jane is a great option
  • Cinematic, character-driven story
  • Tons of costumes and upgrades
  • Open world seems a little generic
  • Owes a lot to the "Batman: Arkham" games

Madden NFL 19 Review

  • Ultimate Team is more accessible
  • Run game works better
  • Custom draft classes now available
  • Streamlined player progression system
  • Changes from last year are minor
  • The story mode is dreadful
Our Score 8

No Man's Sky Review

  • Jaw-dropping art style
  • Incredible sense of scale
  • Potentially endless gameplay
  • Greatly improved by free updates
  • Multiplayer is finally available
  • Gameplay too quickly grows stale
  • Procedurally generated worlds can be dull
  • Narrative is interesting, but thin
  • Newly added activities are remain tedious
Our Score 6

Far Cry 5 Review

  • Interesting setting and characters
  • Fun open world
  • No shortage of content
  • Co-op and Arcade modes add variety
  • Narrative and open world don’t gel
  • Story becomes repetitive
  • Doesn’t improve on its predecessors
Our Score 6

Destiny 2 Review

  • Varied missions and lots to do
  • Clan system incentivizes playing with pals
  • A fun, over-the-top story
  • Improves on mechanics from Destiny in almost every…
  • Another great raid gives a good reason to keep…
  • Story will be hard to keep track of for new…
  • Endgame progression is still opaque and confusing
  • More raid ideas could stand to be included in…
Our Score 8

Fortnite Review

  • Fast-paced ‘PUBG’ alternative
  • ‘Battle Royale’ game mode is free-to-play
  • Building is quick and easy
  • Undercuts the tension of Battle Royale
  • Gunplay is imprecise
Our Score 6