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‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ review

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a loving tribute to Nintendo and video game history. It’s a terrific multiplayer fighter that also has plenty for single-player fans to love this time around. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

  • Includes every character in the series’ history
  • Awesome newcomers
  • Great stage selection
  • Creative single-player mode
  • Several controller options
  • Online matchmaking needs work
  • The campaign could use more cinematics
Our Score 9

Just Cause 4 Review

  • Exciting explosions
  • Cool gadgets
  • Rico is a likeable character
  • Lots of room for experimentation
  • Retread of Just Cause 3
  • The world feels hollow
  • Rico is basically indestructible
Our Score 6

Marvel's Spider-man Review

  • Web-swinging and slinging feels great
  • Lots of combat options keep things fresh
  • Strong story with interesting characters
  • Open world provides variety, not busywork
  • Open world events can become repetitive
Our Score 9

Darksiders III Review

  • Engaging combat.
  • Beautiful environments
  • Smart puzzles
  • A proper challenge
  • Stuttering and loading issues
  • A slow build
Our Score 7

Fallout 76 Review

  • Captures the Fallout vibe
  • Crafting and building are as satisfying as ever
  • Cooperative play is fun
  • Combat is satisfying
  • Quest management and HUD are not intuitive
  • Playing solo is tedious
  • Bugs severely hinder the experience
Our Score 6

Pokémon: Let’s Go Review

  • No random battles
  • Kanto is colorful and vibrant
  • Catching Pokémon is quick, but has depth
  • Great balance of battling and catching
  • Eevee and Pikachu are absolutely adorable partners
  • Too easy for experienced trainers
  • No Pro Controller support
Our Score 9

Hitman 2 Review

  • Countless ways to take down your target
  • Challenges with high replayability
  • Vast and detailed locales
  • The series’ core is not replaced, but improved
  • Offers plenty of tools for both newcomers and…
  • The episodic format of the first game is…
  • It can feel short if you’re not a fan of…
Our Score 8

Battlefield V Review

  • Interesting new World War II stories
  • Classic Battlefield destruction
  • Wonderful map design
  • Filled with bugs
  • Short and inconsistent campaign missions
Our Score 6