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Super Mario Maker 2 review

Super Mario Maker 2 improves on its predecessor in virtually every way, offering a robust level design toolkit for creators and an equally lavish experience for those who just want to play. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Review

  • More focus on voice-acting
  • Heartfelt storyline with obvious real-world…
  • Meaningful class reworks and interesting new…
  • Two new playable races
  • Gorgeous new areas and music
  • Difficult to gauge the lasting appeal of new…
  • Loading screens makes the world feel small
  • Polarizing use of past plot points
Our Score 8

Super Mario Maker 2 Review

  • Excellent Story Mode
  • Robust, feature-packed level creation suite
  • Creating levels with a controller works as well as…
  • Clear Conditions are super cool
  • Great tutorials for creation suite
  • Online multiplayer is laggy
  • Co-op feels carelessly thrown in
Our Score 9

Cyberpunk 2077 Review

  • Crazy cool hacking
  • Fast gunplay
  • Interesting enemies
  • Well-realized dystopia
  • Not nearly as pretty as the trailers

Fortnite Review

  • Innovative building mechanic
  • Dynamic map
  • Great variety of limited-time modes
  • Seasonal rewards system
  • Weak gunplay
  • Constant updates hurt dev team
Our Score 8

Rage 2 Review

  • Combat is a treat
  • The Firestorm Revolver is one of the best weapons…
  • Classic unlock system with cheats and…
  • Smaller, well-designed weapon collection where…
  • Empty, unutilized space in the open world
  • Audio issues with dialogue and jarring angles in…
Our Score 7

Days Gone Review

  • Good dialogue, acting performances
  • Spacious open world
  • Loads of performance issues
  • Needless survival mechanics
  • Poor stealth and gunplay
Our Score 5

Mortal Kombat 11 Review

  • Combat is fluid and brutal
  • Cinematics are gorgeous
  • Plenty of modes to choose from
  • Fatalities are creative and gory
  • The story is hard to follow
Our Score 9

MLB The Show 19 Review

  • March to October mode
  • Welcome fielding improvements
  • "Moments" are a smart addition
  • Road to the Show Dynamic Challenges
  • Minimal upgrades to core modes
  • Personality traits in RttS are pointless
Our Score 8