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‘God of War’ review

In a new land, on a new journey, God of War evolves beyond the button-mashing action of its youth into an action game with engaging combat and an engrossing story. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

  • Amazing visuals
  • Easy to learn
  • Fast paced combat
  • Great fan service for Dragon Ball fans
  • Long load and online wait times
  • Story mode becomes a slog
Our Score 7

God of War Review

  • Complex, fun combat
  • Intense, nuanced story
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Tons to do
  • Gear-based level system doesn’t really work
Our Score 9

Fortnite Review

  • Fast-paced ‘PUBG’ alternative
  • ‘Battle Royale’ game mode is free-to-play
  • Building is quick and easy
  • Undercuts the tension of Battle Royale
  • Gunplay is imprecise
Our Score 6

A Way Out Review

  • Gameplay variety styles keeps things fresh.
  • Split-screen presentation
  • Branching and optional co-op puzzles
  • Works well even with inexperienced players.
  • Emotional story doesn’t connect
  • Cliché dialogue
  • Clunky action set-pieces
Our Score 6

Star Wars Battlefront II Review

  • Single player campaign introduces cool characters
  • Class-based multiplayer makes for strategic…
  • Offers a lot more game for your dollar than the…
  • More fun multiplayer modes
  • Story is a pretty rote but disjointed Star Wars…
  • Loot box system makes progress slow and confusing
Our Score 7

Sea of Thieves Review

  • Gorgeous and inviting world
  • Uniquely fun and low-key multiplayer space
  • Embodies universal pirate fantasy
  • Encourages teamwork, play, and adventure
  • Half-baked social controls
  • Buggy launch
Our Score 8

MLB The Show 18 Review

  • Unparalleled hitting and pitching
  • Breathtaking visuals
  • Solid online infrastructure
  • Well-balanced dynamic difficulty
  • Missing online franchise mode
  • Road to the Show changes can be confusing
Our Score 7

Far Cry 5 Review

  • Interesting setting and characters
  • Fun open world
  • No shortage of content
  • Co-op and Arcade modes add variety
  • Narrative and open world don’t gel
  • Story becomes repetitive
  • Doesn’t improve on its predecessors
Our Score 6