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Fe Review

Fe is the first game out of EA's Originals incubator program, soothes and defies expectations in ways we haven’t seen from a game in years. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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Fe Review

  • Arrestingly beautiful
  • Serene, non-violent play feels unique
  • Singing is a poignant means of interacting with…
  • Excellent score
  • Coaxing, serene environments
  • Requires some patience from players
  • Some pacing bumps
  • Minor Platforming Issues
Our Score 9

Sea of Thieves Review

  • Fun, co-operative gameplay
  • Charming, colorful world
  • Refreshing lack of stats or progression
  • May feel aimless for some players

Civilization VI: Rise & Fall Review

  • Adds needed structure to long game
  • Solid new basic content
  • More consistent, interesting decisions throughout
  • Loyalty makes the map matter even more
  • Additions lack narrative punch
  • Still no World Congress or equivalent
Our Score 7

Nintendo Labo Review

  • Incredibly intuitive
  • Making Toy-Cons is simple fun
  • Uses Switch features in surprising ways
  • Joy-Con garage opens the door for creativity
  • Cardboard will degrade over time
  • Appeal of Labo games may not last

Shadow of the Colossus Review

  • Full remake is hyper-detailed and gorgeous.
  • Photo mode takes advantage of great visuals.
  • New collectibles give an incentive to wander the…
  • Classic gameplay and story remain powerful 13…
  • Camera feels like a PlayStation 2 holdover.
  • Extra modes help, but there's still not a ton to…
Our Score 8

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

  • Amazing visuals
  • Easy to learn
  • Fast paced combat
  • Great fan service for Dragon Ball fans
  • Long load and online wait times
  • Story mode becomes a slog
Our Score 7

Monster Hunter: World Review

  • Truly epic battles
  • Large, open environments
  • Traditional third person camera angle!
  • Great for newcomers
  • Bland story
  • Underwhelming visuals
Our Score 8

SOS Review

  • Audience tracking is a cool idea
  • Watching can be as fun as playing
  • Survival gameplay leads to crazy situations
  • Gives players the freedom to engage with the game…
  • “Hero” tech has potential
  • Performative gameplay won't appeal to everyone
  • Players vying for attention may feel overwhelming
  • Other players must “buy in” for it to be fun