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Gamescom 2013 Trailer Roundup

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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag stealth gameplay montage trailer

At this point, Ubisoft’s asset schedule for Assassin’s Creed games has become rather formulaic. It starts with a few wicked cinematic trailers to get you drooling while they’re in the early stages of development, then a few months later they drop some gameplay footage – maybe with some developer commentary on top; and then right before the game goes on sale they release a montage comprised of nothing but in-game badassery. This video is one of the latter. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn developer commentary

If you thought Square Enix was done after showing off Lightning Returns yesterday, you were wrong. Today the iconic publisher released a developer commentary video for its upcoming title Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which showcases a wealth of early stage gameplay. It’s still a long way from being complete, but this sneak preview shows that the devs are making some exciting changes to the game’s combat systems.

Rocksmith 2014 trailer

The original Rocksmith was a pretty damn incredible. After Guitar Hero and Rock Band lost their luster and left a hole in our hearts, Ubisoft filled the void with an even better game – one that actually taught you how to play guitar. It was a great idea, and now Ubi is set to release a new version that’s even better. According to the video above, Rocksmith 2014 will incorporate a slew of new features that improve usability and make learning guitar easier than ever.

Total War: Rome IIĀ 

When it comes to large-scale tactical RTS gameplay, it doesn’t get much better than Total War. Sega and Creative Assembly have been hard at work on Total War: Rome II for the past year or so, and in this video showcases some of the awesome improvements they’ve made to the game’s multiplayer mode. Look for this one to come out on September 3rd.

Battlefield 4: Official Levolution Features

We’ve known for quite some time that Battlefield 4 maps will feature destructible environments, but we had no idea they’d be this dynamic and detailed. EA and Dice took the concept way past disintegrating cover and bullets that can travel through walls – In BF4 you’ll be able to bring down massive structures, flood entire battlefields, and interact with the maps in ways like never before. Stay tuned for more footage in the next few days.

Destiny ‘Out in the Wild’ developer documentary

Bungie dropped a whopper of a trailer today at the show that offers up an in-depth look at it’s much-anticipated title Destiny. The video showcases the game’s rich, immersive universe, diverse range of characters and weapons, and also features developer commentary to help explain key features like competitive multiplayer, public events, and the game’s massive open world.

Stay tuned for more videos, as this post will be updated as Gamescom 2013 continues

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