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Look Deep with the EyeClops Bionicam

Look Deep with the EyeClops Bionicam

At this week’s CES show in Las Vegas, Jakks Pacific showed off its forthcoming EyeClops Bionicam, the next product in its popular EyeClops "bionic" eye product. The handheld EyeClops lets kids (and the young at heart!) take a close look at their world by magnifying it and displaying the result on a connected computer screen or television. The EyeClops Bionicam takes the idea a step further, adding a built-in color LCD display, a clip-on battery back for taking the EyeClops mobile, and a new multi-zoom lens that enables users to see the world at up to 400× magnification.

The EyeClops Bionicam will also feature a camera mode with flash, and an included USB key will enable users to take files from the Bionicam to a computer for printing, bring sent via email, and more. Of course, users will still be able to connect the EyeClops to a television via standard A/V cables.

The EyeClops bionicam should be available by fall 2008; no word yet no pricing, but current EyeClops models are available for about $50, $60 with a viewng stand.

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