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Tesla’s stylish new solar roof expects to cost less than a traditional roof

Anyone who has had to replace a roof can attest that it is no small expense. Well, homeowners may have a better solution on the horizon that not only costs less but also saves them money over time, according to Bloomberg. Tesla recently acquired SolarCity, with about 85 percent of their shareholders voting to go through with the deal that made them the indisputable kings of sun-to-vehicle energy.

Shortly after the deal was finalized, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the company’s new solar roofing would cost less to create and install than traditional roofing materials. All this savings would supposedly come before the savings on your electric bill. According to Musk, “Electricity is just a bonus.”

While the initial amount consumers could save by switching to a solar roof was unclear, Musk said customers who purchased a roof would save “considerable” amounts of money over a traditional roof. The latest pricing projections are proving very promising.

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Should his statement prove accurate, it could revolutionize the roofing industry. Tesla unveiled the new products and they strongly resemble high-end roofing materials. They mimic fancy terracotta and slate roofing tiles and are made of textured glass. There are four stylish designs to choose from, with styles to match every home. Plus, they gather and store the energy from light for you to use in your home or electric vehicle.

Traditionally, the high-end materials for Tesla’s solar shingles are upward of 20 times more expensive than cheaper, basic asphalt shingles. The anticipated savings will come from the shipping cost associated with the materials. Since typically, roofing materials are bulky, heavy, and brittle, they are expensive to ship and experience a lot of product loss during transport. The tempered-glass roof tiles, however, are much lighter, about one-fifth the weight, and therefore easier and less expensive to ship.

The new product is expected to be ready for consumers this summer.