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30 must-have Pebble Time apps, watchfaces, and games for your wrist

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The Pebble was one of the first major smartwatches to hit the market, long before the Apple Watch and Android Wear secured a spot on our wrists. In July, the Pebble Time launched with a new look, but the same great battery life, a fresh color display, and rounded bezel. It’s time for us to look back at our favorite Pebble apps to see which ones we still love, and what’s arriving just in time for the Pebble Time’s launch.

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Below are our picks for the Pebble Time, sorted into the same seven categories the Pebble App Store uses. There are many more apps to enjoy, but we picked the ones that we think really showcase the versatility and potential of the Pebble series. We focused on Pebble Time support, though some apps might also work on the original Pebble and Pebble Steel.

To find any of the many awesome watch faces listed below, simply open your Pebble app for Android or iOS, and search for the watch app’s name. The watch faces can be found in the “watchfaces” section of search, while everything else is in the “app” category. While the watch faces are compatible on all OSes, bear in mind that some Pebble Time apps require additional third-party OS apps, and may only work on Android or iOS.

Updated on 8-4-2015 by Josh Sherman: This guide was rewritten for 2015 and the Pebble Time. Enjoy!


These watchfaces all offer great style. Pick the ones you think will best complement your Pebble Time’s look and feel.


Straight is just as the name sounds: This smartwatch face cuts to the chase with a clear, simple, easy way to tell the time, date, and weather.


It’s hard to make an analog watch look good on a square display, but TH3 manages to accomplish it with its sleek clock that comes in a plethora of colors.

Tick Tock Weather

Tick Tock Weather is perhaps the most immersive watch face for the Pebble Time. It doesn’t just tell you the time and weather, it shows you, with cartoonish animations that blend beautifully with the Pebble Time’s design.

Forecast Weather

Forecast Weather is another weather-based watch face that channels your inner meteorologist. It shows weather, time, and date at-a-glance; but it can also reveal in-depth historical data, forecasts, barometric pressure, and other info from your local weather station.


This Star Trek-inspired watch, featuring the “LCARS” style from the popular TV show, is a must-have for any fan of the show who’s a Pebble smartwatch owner.

Mac System 7

If you can’t afford it or don’t love the Apple Watch’s battery life, there is another way to own one. This watch face mimics old Mac software.

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