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30 must-have Pebble apps, watchfaces, and games for your wrist

The Pebble was one of the first major smartwatches to hit the market before others like the Galaxy Gear. Back in March, the smartwatch got a huge update, including the addition of a brand new Pebble App Store. Now that the App Store for the Pebble has had a few months to attract developers, it’s time we showcase the latest Pebble apps we love, all available from the Pebble App Store.

Below are our app picks for the Pebble, sorted into the same seven categories the Pebble App Store uses. There are many more to enjoy, but we picked the ones that we think really showcase the versatility and potential of the Pebble. These apps work on both the original Pebble and the Pebble Steel, though some are limited to Android or iOS depending on the additional software needed to work. Remember though you can only have about eight apps on a Pebble at a time, but can keep plenty more in your locker, so change apps in and out and try them out to their full potential.

To find any of these many awesome watchfaces, simply open your Pebble app for Android or iOS and search for the watch app’s name. The watchfaces can be found in the “watchfaces” section of search, while everything else is in the “app” category. Let us know your favorites in the comments!

(Note from Josh: This article was rewritten for 2014. Enjoy!)

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These watchfaces all offer great style. Pick the ones you think that will best compliment your Pebble’s look and feel. With the new Pebble App most of  them are now also customizable.

91 Dub 2.0

91dub91 Dub is a twist on the classic Casio G Shock and other watches that we’ve all known and loved for decades. This version is an update to the one that comes automatically with your Pebble watch.


DigitMMDIGITTMM is a sleek and simple watchface design that makes the current time the focus of its own watchface. Depending on the minutes on the hour, this watchface will revolve around the center, featuring the current hour.


ModernThis Modern style analog watchface may be a more simple and straightforward look for your wrist, but we like it because it’s perfect on the Pebble Steel for those more formal occasions in your life.

Studio Clock

studio-clockIt may not be that iconic red glow from your favorite studio alarm clock, but this Pebble edition of the clock has the same look from clocks of generations past.

Trek V2

trekv2This Star Trek-inspired watch, featuring the “LCARS” style from the popular TV show, is a must-have for any fan of the show and Pebble smartwatch owner.


xtimeThe XTime watchface gives you a quick-glance at everything that’s worth knowing: The date, day of the week, weather and (of course) the time.


What do you turn to on a daily basis? These apps for the Pebble are the “super useful” ones that help make your day-to-day life all the easier.


glanceIf you own a Pebble and an Android device, you have to use Glance – enough said. This app offers dozens of features from weather to custom watchfaces and more.


levelupTired of breaking out the wallet for your purchases? This app has partnered with thousands of restaurants and stores for easy payments from your Pebble with a QR code.


pebbleappsPebble Apps is an all-in-one tool for Android users, much like Glance. It offers a few different options though, such as “find my phone” option if it’s nearby, but out of sight.

UK Transport

uktransportIf you live in the United Kingdom and own a Pebble, this app lets you catch a glance at your favorite stations and bus stops for an easy look at the timetables that matter to you.


yelpIf you’re constantly eating, out this app lets you always be on top of the latest yelp reviews. Using your location the app figures out nearby Yelp reviews based on your cravings.


foursquareUsing your phone’s GPS the Foursquare app keeps tabs on where you are and knows if you’re in a Foursquare-compatible place. If so, you can check-in from your Pebble to score points.

Tools & Utilities

It may not look like a Swiss Army Knife, but these tools and utilities for your Pebble can add a ton of functionality for the smartwatch.


pebbauthOne great ways to add a level of security to your accounts is to get two-factor security, requiring a secondary code when you log in. This Pebble app supports Google, among other two-factor solutions.

Multi Timer

multitimerIt shocked us when the Pebble lacked a simple stopwatch when it first came out. Thanks to the App Store, you can now get a very versatile one, with countdowns, multiple timers and more.

Grill Timer

grilltimerSummer is around the corner and we can all use a little help with making that perfect sizzle on our burgers and more. Grilltimer is a personal assistant to help you perfectly time your grill cooking.


pebbletsWhat does Pebblets do? Just about everything. From weather to stocks, RSS feeds and more, Pebblets is a collection of miniature, popular apps, saving precious space on your Pebble for other apps.


navmeFor Android smartphone owners, NavMe brings Google’s Navigation technology to your Pebble. When using Google Navigation, your Pebble will share the same directions.


pebbgpsiPhone owners can also enjoy turn-by-turn navigation on their Pebbles thanks to PebbGPS. This app even offers a rendition of the map right on your Pebble’s tiny, but accessible screen.


Keeping up with important information is easy thanks to the Pebble. While the app already forwards e-mail and text messages, some apps help take things a step further.

Pebble Cards

pebblecardsPebble Cards is a completely customizable card system sort of like Google Now, but for your smartwatch. It brings important information and notifications based on your personal preferences.

Package Trackr

package trackrWondering where your packages are? Package Trackr takes tracking numbers from all the major parcel companies and tells you where it is, and when it will arrive.

MLB Scorewatch

mlbscorewatcherNeed to know how your baseball team is doing without breaking out the MLB app? Discretely and easily see how they’re doing during the game and in the season with this Pebble app.


The Pebble’s connectivity to your phone allows a number of ways to utilize the smartwatch as a remote control for music and more.


pandoraPandora’s radio app for smartphones and PCs has come to the Pebble. While listening to music on your smartphone you can pause, like and dislike music without taking out your phone.

Pebble Snap

pebblesnapIt may be tiny and in black and white, but developers have still found a way to make your Pebble a remote camera for your smartphone. You can use this app to remotely shoot, view and more.

Presenter Wireless

presenter-wirelessIf you have a presentation for class or work and it’s on your smartphone, then hook it up to the projector and control it with your Pebble. This is great especially if you have an AirPlay device.

Health & Fitness

Whether  it’s for keeping track of runs or the score for the game, there are tons of apps related to health and fitness activities.

Pebble My Tracks

pebble my tracksThis app connects with your My Tracks app from Google, allowing you to view your current trip (whether it be on foot or otherwise) as well as important stats right from your Pebble watch.


pedometerWhy carry a pedometer when you have your watch? It’s accuracy depends on how your stride, but this watchapp can measure your steps and calorie intake using the Pebble’s accelerometer.

Golf Pad

golf padFor avid golfers who want to blend the golf course with their tech, this app lets you measure your overall performance and review it from your smartwatch during and after the game.


Yes, even the tiny Pebble has games so you can waste time without even taking out your smartphone.


hatchiWhile the iconic Tomagotchi of the 1990s and early 2000s was for the keychain, this generation’s Hatchi portable pet is for the wrist.


PebtrisTetris was the first game in space, and now it’s one of the first games for your wrist. This iconic puzzle game is a great way to kill time.

Game Dice

gamediceEven if you’re not a Dungeons and Dragons fan, it helps to have this watchapp and its many dice combinations in close reach.

What are we missing? Pebblers, let us know what your favorite apps are. We’ll update this list with new suggestions.