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Brits Send A Billion Texts A Week

Back in 1999, Britons sent a billion text messages from their mobile phones during the entire year. According to a new study they now send that many texts every week.   The figure has evenshocked the Mobile Data Association, which had predicted around 42 billion texts for 2007.   It’s a lot more convenient for a business now to notify lots oftheir employees about an urgent message using a text message," Mike Short, head of the MDA, told the BBC. "The UK text volumes show no real signs ofabating and the UK sits within the top six of the global league of countries sending text messages."   The fact that businesses have adopted text messaging as part of their sales anddelivery strategy has helped boost the totals. Add to that services that send out sports scores to subscribers via text, and there’s been a market explosion that’s not solely fueled bypeople texting each other. But even older mobile users have come around to text messaging these days, and the guarantee of delivery (even if it takes a while sometimes) is a reassurance for people.