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Philips Introduces Five New Mobile Phones.

All five phones are for the European market only.

Philips 162

The Philips 162 incorporates all the basic communication features required from a mobile phone, which will appeal to a wide range of users. Young and old will find it easy to handle thanks to its icon-based menu, large color display, navigation key and raised keypad. It comes in four trendy colors with a range of embedded polyphonic ring tones to accommodate every taste.

Philips 162

The Philips 162 is available in four striking colors: Silver Crystal, Red Ruby, Silver Quartz and Black Onyx. Users can personalize it according to their preferences, choosing from a number of wallpapers for their screen and a series of 16 tones polyphonic melodies, which combine different instruments for a much more natural and realistic musical sound. Additional ring tones can be downloaded from Internet for further variety. The phone comes with several color games.

Philips 568

The new Philips 568 mobile phone is one of the most compact video phones available today. A potent combination of phone, (video) camera, entertainment console and personal organizer, the Philips 568 is ideal for those who want to experiment, have fun, enjoy the very latest functionality and share experiences with friends and family.

The video recording function allows all those special moments to be recorded quickly and simply, in full color and with supporting audio. A soft key enables direct access to the camera, so spontaneous events can be captured with a minimum of fuss. Video clips and pictures can then be sent to friends and family using MMS (Multimedia Message Service). They can also be forwarded to any e-mail address, enabling, for instance, archiving or editing on a PC. It is possible to record up to 60 different video clips, each eight seconds in length, which corresponds to the maximum file size for MMS transfer.

Philips 568

This extremely compact phone, less than 10 cm high and not even 2 cm deep, has a clear, sharp display whose 128×160 pixels can show 65,000 different colors. Weighing just 87 g, it is truly lightweight. Yet it still has plenty of storage capacity, with 8MB built-in memory. 3.2MB of this is available for storing pictures, video clips, games and other information. It is even possible to create picture albums of favorite photos. The lithium-ion battery enables up to four hours talking time between recharges, or 300 hours on standby. The housing has an attractive twin color – deep black and arrow silver – finish.

The Philips 568 is packed with advanced technology to ensure excellent quality results. For instance, video MPEG 4 and H263 compression formats allow plenty of detail in every video recording. The integrated VGA camera has a picture resolution of 640 x 480 pixels (310k), with a digital zoom of maximum 4x enabling better framing of the subject matter. Various picture modes – Economy, Normal, Super Fine and Night Mode – mean the user can choose to optimize quality, quantity or even capture images in low-light conditions.

Philips 760

The new Philips 760 digital camera phone combines a high-end ‘clamshell’ mobile phone and a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with zoom, flash and photo toolbox in a single compact device. The Philips 760 is effectively a complete mobile entertainment platform, supporting embedded and downloadable color games, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and with a full library of polyphonic ringtones.

Philips 760

This innovative digital device is not simply a mobile phone with a camera feature. The clamshell has an ingenious swivel hinge that allows it to fold open and rotate, leaving users with a genuine 1.3 megapixel digital camera in their hand. It can store more than 70 photos with an excellent 1280×1204 resolution and displays them clearly on the 65K TFT screen. Pictures can be taken in the dark using the built-in flash and can be zoomed up to 4 levels for much more accurate framing of the subject matter. Using the plug-and-play slideshow feature, snapped images are displayed on TV with a minimum of hassle. Simply plugging the TV link in causes the feature to launch automatically.

Philips 655

Philips 655 mobile phone gives consumers the perfect reflection – thanks to a built-in mirror. The Philips 655 mobile phone combines a mirror display with a camera making it always easy to take self-portrait photos in favorite places and situations to share with family and friends.

Philips 655

The phone’s integrated camera lets you take photos and send them with MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) messages in just a few seconds. Or you can store them in your photo album to create personalized slideshows. The mega-memory capacity of 6 MB means you can take lots of your favorite photos – like great nights out with your friends – and store as many as 1,000 of them in a giant, personalized photo-album that you can always have with you in your pocket. You can also store up to 500 phone book entries as well as up to 20 MMS and 300 SMS messages. This makes it easy to keep track of important messages, without having to delete them every time after reading.

Thanks to the camera’s Low Light ‘night’ mode you can even take photos in dark places, so you can capture all your friends looking their best at clubs and parties. Once you’ve taken photos it’s easy to turn them into slideshows to share with family and friends. And best of all, you can do this on your TV’s large screen using the instant, Plug & Play TV Link – just plug in the optional TV Link accessory for immediate viewing! And of course you can view photos and slideshows at any time on the camera itself.

Philips Xenium 9@98

Philips is to introduce the latest innovation in the popular Xenium range, the Philips Xenium 9@98 mobile phone, known for its extremely long battery lifetime. Busy professionals and fast-paced urbanites will find it is one of the most reliable phones on the market, with its record-breaking 7 hours of talk time and ability to provide up to 4 weeks of standby power. Its streamlined set of practical features ensures peak performance for calling, messaging and downloading.

Philips 9@98

All this is packed into a sleek, stylish package that only weighs 88 grams. Features are specially selected to maximize operating power. This is clearly a phone for people who don’t want the battery drained by functions they do not need in their daily communication. The phone’s color display enhances its navigation experience. Users can choose from 20 ring tone melodies and up to 17 wallpapers to match their preferences. Several color games come with the phone.

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