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This baby ankle bracelet helps you keep tabs on your little one

Millennials are having babies now, and some of them may use apps to figure this whole parenting thing out. Several wearables have emerged that track your baby’s sleep patterns, heart rate, and other movements. Now, a new one called Sproutling has come on to the scene. This baby-friendly wearable promises to help new parents rest easier, knowing that their baby is safe and sound.

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Sproutling is a small wearable device that wraps around your baby’s ankle. The strap is soft and gentle, so it won’t irritate your baby’s skin and the sensor is covered in soft, red silicon. The strap comes in three sizes, so it grows along with your baby. It’s also washable. The wearable can be charged wirelessly on its own charging pad, too. The battery should last two to three days on a single charge


The sensor can detect 16 different measurements at the same time and send the data to your smartphone. Sproutling tracks the following metrics:

  • Heart rate
  • Movement
  • When the baby wakes up
  • The baby’s mood
  • Brightness and noise level in the room
  • Temperature
  • The baby’s sleep patterns

All of this data is then synthesized into an easy-to-understand analysis of your baby’s sleeping schedule. The app will send you push notifications when the baby wakes up, gets restless, or really needs attention. It will also keep over anxious parents in the know so that they can relax for once. Sproutling is also intended to help you gain insights into the way your baby sleeps, when he sleeps well, and if his sleeping patterns are irregular.

Right now, Sproutling only offers an app for iOS, but it is hard at work on the Android version. The wearable is now available for pre-order from the company’s website for $250. It will retail for $300 when it arrives on the market.