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Which mobile credit card reader is right for you? 7 major services compared

Getting paid with plastic used to mean a host of fees, expensive hardware and complicated gateway services. The days of complexity are long gone now that you can use a card reader with your smartphone to accept credit cards.

Last year we gave you a look at three major contenders: Square, PayPal Here, and Intuit GoPayment. We’re back with an update on these three card readers, plus several more to help you find the right card reader for your needs. We discovered the advantages of each service and have recommendations for you depending on your uses.

A look at the contenders

This time around we looked at seven different card readers and the seven companies that support them. These include the Intuit Quickbooks GoPayment reader, Square reader, PayAnywhere reader, PayPal Here reader, and the Flint mobile reader. We discovered as much as we could about each reader, including the transaction fees, how easy it is to use their mobile apps, what kind of support they offer, what accessories you can use, and whatever else was important to know. The following pages contain a summary of each card reader, followed by our overall recommendation.

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