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5 tiny outdoor companies making innovative gear you need to know about

The outdoor gear marketplace has grown so fast in America over the last decade that it has become nearly impossible to stay up to date with every new company making innovative, new, and useful products. While buying from the large, well-known corporations can be safe and reliable, there are many other smaller companies that are pushing the boundaries and limits of outdoor gear by focusing on a niche. Here are five companies that should be on your radar.


Ultra-light and compactable gear is now the name of the game. Many companies and established adventurers are pushing the use of tarps as shelter over tents. Tarps are open, exposed to bugs and insects and often tough to set up in the elements. Tents are heavy and take time to set up. Tarptents are the best of both worlds. They are ultralight while also maintaining all the quality characteristics of a tent. The single walled shelters are bug-proof, water-proof and also have a built in floor and zipper. Those who desire a stronger barrier from the elements can choose among nine different double wall Tarptent shelters. To simplify the set up process nearly every style can be put up with a ski or trekking pole in the place of a tent pole thus saving further weight. All Tarptents are manufactured in the USA with all USA materials right in Seattle, Washington.

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