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Hands on with Nikon D3X Digital SLR

Hands on with Nikon D3X Digital SLR

Nikon introduced the D3X D-SLR at CES, a massive 24.5-megapixel monolith that is sure to please prosumers and budding professionals. The $8000 monster is an excellent match for the new Photoshop CS4 64-bit app from Adobe for Mac and Windows, since the camera and software can process images over 130MB in size (for very large images, 64-bit apps can handle large images with ease, so Nikon is capitalizing on that trend).

The FX-format runs at 6084×4032 using a CMOS sensor with a five-frames-per-second shoot time at full res. The camera supports UDMA cards, RAW files in both 12-bit and 14-bit mode (compressed or uncompressed) and feels heavier than a trombone (Nikon did not release specific weight and size measurements). The D3X is intended for pros who need very high-resolution shots, such as artists who will manipulate pixels and nature photographers who will likely create large posters in their own studio (or sell them to those who do make posters). The camera is obviously too big and heavy for anyone not serious about photos.

For more info: www.nikon.com

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