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Usain Bolt wins 200m gold – then grabs pro photographer’s DSLR to snap some pics

When superstar athlete Usain Bolt comes to hang up his running shoes, there’s a chance he might turn to photography for his next career.

Following his storming run to his second gold at the London Olympics – this one in the 200 meters – the Jamaican sprinter grabbed a Nikon DSLR off one of the trackside professional photographers and proceeded to take a few shots himself.

After getting some pics of fellow countryman and sprinter Yohan Blake, Bolt turned the camera on the huddle of trackside pro snappers, which included the owner of the camera, Jimmy Wixtröm.

Wixtröm, who shoots for Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, can be seen grinning broadly in one of Bolt’s pictures (below), no doubt thinking, “Wait till I tell the picture editor about this.”

Interviewed by his paper after Bolt’s shenanigans, Wixtröm described the superhuman sprinter as “charming” and said he was a “pretty good” photographer.

He also revealed that for several days prior to the 200 meters final, he’d been pestering Bolt for a decent photo opportunity. Bolt kept declining to pose for Wixtröm, and instead promised him he’d get his picture after the final. The runner certainly delivered on that front.

Now Wixtröm is in possession of one very special memory card, and one that will probably never be formatted again.

Check out all the post-race shots, by both Wixtröm and Bolt, over at Aftonbladet.

[via PetaPixel: images by Jimmy Wixtröm and Usain Bolt]