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How to download Facebook photos

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Downloading multiple photos using Facebook

Facebook makes it a snap to download all of your precious photos right from your account settings. Sadly, the service only allows you to download a copy of all your Facebook data — photos, posts, friends, the whole nine yards — and there is currently no option to single out any specific type of content. It’s still a great method if you’re looking to bypass extra software, browser extensions, and the like.

Step 1: Access your Account Settings and Verify Identity.

Click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of your Facebook homepage — directly to the right of the padlock icon. From there, you’ll want to select Settings from the list of available options. This should take you to the General Account Settings tab in your account settings, which houses the option you’ll need. Click Download a copy of your Facebook data and, on the next page, click the Start My Archive button.


Step 2: Start the Archive Process.

Once done, you’ll be prompted to enter your password. Enter it as you would normally and click the Submit button. The resulting pop-up will notify you of what you’re about to download, which includes your chat history, photos, text posts, and a wealth of information that’s better outlined in Facebook’s help pages. In fact, anything labeled with “Downloaded info” under the Where can I find it? column on said help page will be included in the archive. As you can imagine, this will be a huge file.

Step 3: Wait.

Once submitted, a message will appear on the download page saying, “We’re generating your personal archive. We’ll email you when it’s ready.” Now, just wait while Facebook assembles your archive. You’ll receive an email when your archive is ready, so you don’t necessarily need to stay on the page while this happens — Facebook will include a link to the page within the email. The process can take up to a half hour to complete, however, especially if you’ve been on Facebook for a long time. Sit tight.


Step 4: Download the archive.

You will receive an email from Facebook when your personal archive is ready to download. Click the accompanying link, or access the download page again from the General Account Settings Tab when you’re ready to download the file. Then, re-renter your password and click the green Download Archive button to download all of your information as a ZIP file.

Step 5: Check out your photos!

Open the resulting file — it should be titled after your name — and click on the “index.htm” file. Thankfully, Facebook organizes this in a way that makes it easy to navigate using your web browser. Click Photos in the left-hand menu, and you’ll see a list of your photos, each separated by album. To browse your photos, simply select an album!

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