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Google prepping cheap 7-inch Android tablet to take on Kindle Fire: rumor

Google may be looking to produce an inexpensive 7-inch Android tablet that can compete with the $200 Kindle Fire.
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Hack shows Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the Kindle Fire

A developer has demonstrated an early build of Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Amazon Fire tablet. It's hoped it'll inspire others to help perfect the software.
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Archos unveils 70b, the first sub-$200 Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet

Archos has announced the 70b Internet Tablet, the first tablet running Android 3.2 Honeycomb that costs less than $200.
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Amazon Kindle Fire impressions jump 19 percent every day: Millennial

Millennial Media, a mobile advertising network, says ad impressions served to Amazon's Kindle Fire have risen an average of 19 percent a day since its launch last month, which equals to hundreds of millions of ads displayed on the hot…
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Amazon plans to update Kindle Fire: Here’s a list of what needs fixing

After some criticism and negative user reviews, Amazon has promised that an over-the-air update will be sent to Kindle Fire owners in less than two weeks. Based on some browsing of negative user reviews and our own experience, we've come up…
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Tech gifts for the whole family

Finish your whole shopping list with this one-stop gadget gift guide for everyone in the family.
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Amazon Kindle Fire hacked to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Amazon's $200 Kindle Fire tablet has successfully been upgraded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, making it more of a full-blown Android tablet than it is with Amazon's heavily-modified user interface.
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OnLive brings streaming console games to tablets and smartphones – our hands-on impressions

OnLive has announced that it's bringing its full array of console games to tablets and smartphones, and we had the chance to get our hands on one and try it out.
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The Goldilocks tablet: Why Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire is ‘just right’

Neither too big nor too small, Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire might just be the perfect third device for users who still have to juggle smartphones and notebooks.
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Amazon Kindle Fire set to take second in 2011 tablet race

Just two weeks after its release, Amazon's inexpensive Kindle Fire tablet is on track to become the second most-sold tablet of 2011, according to market estimates.

Amazon rumor: 8.9-inch Kindle Fire due in 2012

Amazon will reportedly release a larger, 8.9-inch version of its Kindle Fire tablet next year.

Opinion: Is the Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire or Apple iPad right for you?

Amazon’s new Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire present an appealing alternative to the iPad for some things, but there’s still room for a supersized Kindle Fire or a mini iPad.