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Give them time, and the remarkably comfy q-Jays reward you with sweet, detailed sound 2:50

Priced at $400, the latest effort from Swedish headphone maker, Jays, features dual balanced armature drivers and a remarkably compact and comfortable design. Say hello to the new q-Jays.
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Contest: Imagine the Wii 2, win t-Jays Three headphones

Tell us what you think Nintendo is planning for its long-awaited Wii 2 and get a chance to win a pair of Jays crystal clear t-Jays Three headphones, valued at $100.
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Jays Sees Triple with A-Jays One, Two and Three Earbuds

The tiny trio of a-Jays earbuds offer subtle differences in trim quality to correspond with their respective $40, $50 and $60 price points.
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Q-Jays Go Custom with One-Off Silicon Ear Tips

Custom silicon ear tips for q-Jays in-ear headphones will allow every pair to fit like a glove.