Bill Roberson

Bill Roberson

I've been a wirehead and motorhead since I could turn a knob or throttle - and then I fell in love with photography, so Digital Trends is pretty much a perfect fit for my many tech interests. However, motorcycles are my passion! Follow me on Twitter: @BillRobersonDT

‘By your command!’ As it turns out, we’re happy to obey robots

The engineer in Africa thinks drivers obey the robots because unlike humans, they can't be reasoned with, bribed or distracted. Run the light and you might get a ticket in the mail. Or arrested. So how far would humans let robots push them?

Cool Tech

Jaguar’s villianous F-TYPE Coupe ad isn’t very super, probably won’t bowl anyone over

Jaguar released its Super Bowl ad this morning. And, despite big names and budgets, the result is pretty poor. How did Jag make its F-TYPE Coupe ad so boring, when the car itself is so damned uproarious?


A high-tech Harley? Inside the next generation of smarter, smaller hogs

Like a lot of motorcycle builders, Harley had a tough stretch during the Great Recession. They took a multi-point approach to update their bikes and the result is a new line of lightweight bikes for beginners and some serious updates to their big touring…


DT Daily: Pen ‘writes’ layer of cells, Colombia’s deadly stolen phone market, Russian UFO case

Today on DT Daily: Medical pen writes layer of cells during surgery, Colombia's deadly stolen cell phone market and Russia may have been chatting with ETs.

Does putting a display in a motorcycle helmet make you suicidal … or safer?

While distracted driving is a daily headline and in-car tech seems to increase the distraction quotient with every model year, there’s one place where a pure focus on the road ahead seems to persist: on a motorcycle. But that may be about to change.


BMW rolls out new R1200RT for open-road warriors, 160 hp S1000R for well-heeled hooligans

Winter is virtually here and, while many riders are dialing back road time or putting their steeds into hibernation as the snow begins to fall, BMW has announced two new bikes to dream about on those cold, dark nights. 2014 R 1200 RT The first is the…


Ducati Panigale 1199 S is the next Senna tribute bike, you can’t have one

Ducati has announced their latest masterwork, the 1199 Panigale S, will get the Senna treatment, which consists of a monotone paint scheme, red wheels and likely some weight-saving measures to set it apart from regular versions of the Panigale S.


BMW freshens up the all-conquering 1200 GS adventure bikes, distant locales beckon

In 1980, when BMW loosed the original oddball "G/S" on the world, its highest-tech bit was probably the solid-state ignition and a headlight. Now, the bikes feature tons of tech including ABS brakes, traction control, adjustable suspension and more.


Going the ‘Long Way ‘Round?’ Check out BMW’s $800 Navigator V GPS

BMW says new features include more contextual directions ("turn left at the white church" instead of "turn left at Maple Street") and directions by photo for those times when signage might not be very reliable in the Ugandan bush.


First Drive: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The fact that this car combines a crowd-gathering aesthetic, superior comfort, top-shelf build quality not seen in any previous generation, tremendous performance and a top-tier…

  • Pros: Great looking, great sounding Corvette at a bargain price…
  • Cons: Rearward view somewhat obstructed, Options scale up the…