Nvidia’s stunning Titan V GPU is for A.I. research, but can it game as well?

Prepare for liftoff

Gaming graphics card maker Nvidia has just created a monster, the kind every gamer dreams of having, of course. It’s called the Titan Five GPU, and it pretty much makes every other graphics card out there look like a Raspberry Pi running on a 9-volt battery.

The big Titan V is packing more computing power than most government agencies, with 110 teraflops of performance, 16 gigs of memory in a 3-D array, over 21 billion transistors, and a sleek design which should look right at home inside your transparent gaming PC casing. Just one problem: it’s not designed for gaming. No, the Titan Five is targeted at Nvidia’s new market focus: A.I. research.

It looks like the friends of Alexa and Siri get to play with it first, but since it’s on sale now to the general public for three grand a copy, we’re sure it’ll probably end up in a gaming rig here and there. Oh, and you can only buy two at a time max, so try to restrain yourself.

Let the music play

Google and Amazon continue to throw sand at each other over YouTube, so this seems to be the perfect time to try and re-launch a paid YouTube music service. Bloomberg says the new service is being called “Remix” by those working on it, and we could think of worse names, so hey, why not? Remix will reportedly incorporate some Spotify-like features as well as videos, and Bloomberg says Remix staff are already working with artists to help pump up the launch.

That’s expected to take place in March. No word yet on how much it might cost, safe to say it’ll be “competitive.” What’s not safe to say is how or where you’ll be able to access it once it gets rolling. We’ll keep you updated.

It’s a fiery dino world after all

Hey it’s Friday and that means it’s movie night, and while the big new Star Wars movie opens in just a week, a trailer for another beloved franchise also just dropped. Yep, it’s time to head back to Isla Nublar… and Jurassic World.

Called Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the latest dino installment sees the return of Chris Pratt, Bryce Dalls Howard, and wait for it, Jeff Goldblum as chaotician Ian Malcom, who appeared in the original 1990s feature and it’s sequel. This time, it’s the dinosaurs themselves – apparently a whole lot of them – that are in danger of another “extinction level event” as the island’s volcano is warming up to go “boom.”

Pratt and Howard lead a team in to save some of the best ones, including a raptor Pratt raised like a puppy, and improve the chances for another sequel. Volcanoes, puny humans and T-Rex’s. Like Pratt says in the trailer, hey, what could go wrong Colin Treverrow and Derek Connelly wrote the first “World” sequel and also co-wrote this one, but Treverrow passed on the directors chair, so A Monster Calls director Juan Antonio Bayona is in charge.

You and every kid on the planet will get a chance to check out all the fun on June 22nd of 2018.

Over the weekend, make sure to check out some of these cool tech stories, including Elon Musk goading Boeing about a Mars mission, Link gets a motorbike and if there’s a robot apocalypse, we’re pretty sure it won’t be Honda’s fault.

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