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Company claims their mask can beat Apple iPhone X Face ID

But it always works on Jason Vorhees’ phone

Somebody finally tricked Apple’s Face ID security tech, but let’s just say it wasn’t easy. Or pretty. Apple claimed the tech couldn’t be fooled by photos or masks, but a cybersecurity firm in Vietnam says a mask they cobbled together was able to trick the phone into unlocking. They also said they’ve been working on the project since they got their iPhone X a week ago. The mask is a copy of the face of an employee, seen in the video unlocking the phone.

The company says the mask cost about $150 in materials, and involves a complicated mix of 3D printed parts, 2-D images, makeup and apparently a lot of scotch tape. The company said there was some “special processing” done on the cheeks and around the face, but no specifics on what was so special about it were released.

It was only a matter of time before someone cracked Face ID, but seeing how much effort went into this, we think most iPhone X users are probably still safe from having their faces quickly spoofed, unless you’re famous enough to be in a wax museum or something.

A 10 still beats an 8

Speaking of the iPhone X, sales numbers are starting to take shape and it looks like a major hit for Apple, but that’s apparently causing two problems.

According to BGR, Apple is scrambling to pump up iPhone X production by perhaps as much as 45 percent in light of the heavy demand, but it appears that heavy demand is coming at the expense of another phone: the iPhone 8. BGR said Apple tech watcher KGI Securities is forecasting a serious production cut for the 8 for the first quarter next year, maybe by as much as 60 percent. However, demand for the larger 8 Plus iPhone is actually a bit above forecasts.

Of course, Apple is hardly complaining that they may have to cut production of the cheaper iPhone in order to pump up the assembly lines for the $1,000 dollar-a-pop model, so if you had your eye on upgrading to the iPhone 8, might want to make it happen sooner than later.

A very speedy dinosaur

The game clock is ticking down on gas-powered cars as electric vehicle sales continue to increase and carmakers plan for an all-electric future, but don’t tell that to the folks that make the Chevy Corvette.

Just in case the latest 650-horsepower Chevy land missile wasn’t spicy enough for you, Chevy just re-introduced the ZR1 variant, which last hit showrooms in 2009. Typically representing the pinnacle of price and performance in the Corvette line, the ZR1 returns packing a super-charged V8 capable of making 755 horsepower, and 715 foot-pound of torque. Chevrolet just rolled out the car for the first time in Dubia, where it will likely find a home as a police car.

No joke. Anyway, the car will reportedly top 210 miles an hour for a top speed and do 0 to 60 in well under 3 seconds. There will be a couple of options for a fixed or active rear wing, and while no price was announced, it’ll probably top $100,000, which is still nearly half the cost of even the least-expensive name-brand “supercars” out there. And yes, you can get it in orange.

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