Apple iPhone X screen freezing up when it’s freezing? Fix is on the way

Siri, it’s cold outside

With the new Apple iPhone X out now for a week, there have been precious few bugs that have popped up for the handset, except for that odd “letter i” autocorrect thing, which Apple says their ironically numbered 11.1.1 update resolves. Great – except now there’s apparently a new problem for iPhone X owners living in cold climates.

Several users have reported that the phones’ screen becomes unresponsive almost immediately when going from a warm to a cold outdoor environment. Clearly, a big problem. Apple says they’re aware of the issue and a software fix is in the works, and that most of time the phones actually will work fine after a short time out in the cold.

So until the update drops (no exact date was specified), we suggest staying closer to the “warm fire” part of the equation, and maybe getting a little scarf or something for your iPhone X.

Titans will continue to fall

Gamespot and other outlets are reporting that Electronic Arts is buying up Respawn Entertainment, which makes the Titanfall series, and a new version of the popular shooter is on the way.

It’s more of a consolidation move than a blockbuster merger, as EA was the distributor for Respawn’s wares since early on in company’s history, and this essentially brings the whole sausage works under one roof. Lots of good news here, too: Like we said, a new TitanFall game is in the works along with a new Star Wars game, and a VR game. Respawn’s CEO says he is staying on to helm the ship and no layoffs are planned. EA reportedly paid $151 million for ReSpawn.

The Force will definitely be with you, always

Just when you thought there will be a new Star Wars film every year from Disney until our sun dies a cold, pitiless death, comes news that… well, that’s pretty much what’s going to happen. Disney announced Thursday that The Last Jedi director and apparent superfan Rian Johnson is going to work up an entirely new Star Wars trilogy that is not connected to the current Skywalker saga. He’s also going to write and direct the first installment.

In a press release, long-time Star Wars producer and LucasFilm icon Kathleen Kennedy said that after seeing Rian’s work on Last Jedi – which could hold no small number of surprises – they greenlit the plan for him to pen an entirely new series of feature films. So far there’s no word on a reaction from Star Wars creator George Lucas, who may have been busy swimming in a pool full of money after Disney bought him out for over $4 billion a couple of years ago.

There’s no word on what the new trilogy is going to be called, or where it’ll be set or what it’ll even be about; and we’ll wait to pass judgment on Johnson’s Star Wars chops until after The Last Jedi opens on December 18th.

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