Peter Soldinger

Peter Soldinger

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Peter Soldinger is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter for film and television with a passion for sports and a contentious relationship with all the technology that makes both pursuits possible. He thinks that relationship is amusing and wants you to read about it. If you've gotten this far, he was right. Soldinger is a rabid Yankees, Knicks, and Giants fan and still believes the "rom-com" is a viable genre of film.
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Fantasy football costs the U.S. $6.5 billion but I’m not giving a penny back

This year, just like every other year, I contributed to the decline of the U.S. economy by playing fantasy football. This is my story.

So, you’re rich and famous without a computer? We’re not impressed

Last week, the Huffington Post listed 12 successful people who shun technology. Way to go, guys – we’re so impressed. Oh, wait, no we’re not.
Social Media

I’m depressed that studies prove Facebook makes us depressed

A University of Michigan study confirms what many of us have long suspected: that using Facebook bums us out. Here’s a suggestion for reversing that trend.
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The NFL unveils new apps for mobile domination, but why stop there?

DirecTV and Verizon mobile customers now have access to tons of football, live on their phones. But appifying the NFL could lead to even cooler ways to capture fans on the go.

This woman’s invention is more important than the iPhone

Hermione Way, sorta star of Bravo’s ‘Start-Ups: Silicon Valley’, has released Vibease, and our culture will never be the same. This is an iPhone moment, people.
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Fool me once, Kickstarter, shame on you; Fool me twice…

Recent news of a wannabe board game designer fleecing thousands of potential customers out of 122 thousand dollars has nothing to do with Spike Lee’s highly publicized current Kickstarter campaign… does it?

Think the latest military drones are scary? Have you driven in California?

Now that drones are appearing everywhere from battlefields to your door step (looking at you, Dominos!), it’s time to decide: what part of this is the worst part?

Overly litigious society reaches its climax as man sues Apple for porn addiction

Who says we’re a litigious society? Just because a Tennessee man can sue Apple for exposing him to internet porn doesn’t mean our judicial system is … oh, wait. Yes it does.

Did the CIA just turn the 9/11 mastermind into a super villain called Dr. Suck?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is reportedly passing his time in captivity … get this … by designing a vacuum cleaner. Am I honestly the only one who can see how this comic book-esque story ends?

Meet the 2013 Internet Hall Of Fame inductees … wait, there’s an Internet Hall Of Fame?

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and the late activist Aaron Swartz are members of the second-ever class of Internet Hall of Fame inductees, but isn’t it a little early to be considering this stuff?
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‘It was on (the) line!’ Wimbledon enters the live streaming era

Not to worry, cord-cutting and work-bound sports fans. The one tennis tournament of the year that you’re vaguely interested in can be watched online for free.

If tech goes Hollywood, get ready for even more lame sequels

Instagram’s announcement that they’re copying Vine, a service that pretty much copied Instagram, does not bode well for the creative well being of the tech sector.