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Best subreddits

Ah, Reddit! A site full of entertainment and enlightenment, if you know where to look. Some people do not. They merely glance at the front page of the “front page of the internet” and call it a day. But there are so many more pages hidden under the surface, which are called subreddits. Subreddits are mini-communities centered around a certain topic, ranging from incredibly broad to deeply specialized. If Reddit as a whole is the United States, then the various subreddits are the individual states–except there are way, way more than 50. But, that said, here’s 50 of ’em, categorized for your convenience.


SFW Porn

r/earthporn subreddit


Yo, here’s your number-one Internet hookup for sexy pics of Mother Nature. Hit up this subreddit to peep some breathtaking landscapes.


If cityscapes are more your thing, then check out the CityPorn subreddit for some hot images of skyscrapers and streets and all that city stuff.


Get your justice nerve tingling here! This subreddit is a catalog full of heaping helpings of served justice.


Or maybe you prefer heaping helpings of food — food that’s great to look at and even better to eat. Dig in!


History comes alive in sizzling, photographic detail in this subreddit. 


Mmmm, quotes, all kinds of quotes. Use this subreddit to stock your secret folder of quotations on your computer.


Don’t let your car know you’ve been looking at pictures of hot rides on the Internet.


Hey, no one’s gonna judge if you’ve got a thing for abandoned buildings and stuff. It’s 2013. Knock yourself out and subscribe to this subreddit.


You’re probably in a room right now. Look around. If you like what you see–like, really like it–hit up this subreddit about the spaces we fill with furniture or whatever.


Wait, rooms ain’t space. This is space. If Gravity flicked on a switch in your brain, saunter over to this subreddit to feed your need for awe-inspiring images of voids and stars and planets.

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