Get the Droid Incredible for free, with plan

It isn’t hard to get a phone for free from a wireless carrier, but it is hard to get a great phone for free, which is why this deal at Wirefly has caught our eye. If you activate a two-year Verizon Wireless contract through Wirefly, a free HTC Droid Incredible will be shipped to you for free. It normally retails for $199 with a plan. The offer is good for new and existing VZW customers. Unfortunately, there is a $35 activation fee, but no more than you’ll pay at an actual Verizon store.

The Droid Incredible is one of the top-rated Android smartphones by most publications. Our own Stewart Wolpin reviewed the device glowingly. “The Incredible is a superbly executed amalgamation of nearly every technology a cell phone buyer might want,” wrote Wolpin. “It’s light, it avoids overdosing on external controls, it’s got a big and beautiful AMOLED screen, it’s intuitive without any glaring annoyances, it’s got a good-to-great camera, a wicked quick Web browser, and Android’s most state-of-the-art OS.” Battery life and dull call quality were among his concerns about the device.

CNET actually purchased an Incredible through Wirefly and reports that the process works and the deal is legit. The Incredible launched on Verizon in April. We’ve written several articles about the device, including how it compares to the Motorola Droid and iPhone.