Infographic shows Android app use, Talking Tom knocked down 10.6 billion times

Following news earlier in the week that users of Android devices have downloaded 10 billion apps from Android Market since its launch three years ago, Google has come up with an infographic that pulls a few interesting facts and figures from the enormous number.

For starters, Americans with Android-powered devices are not the most active downloaders of apps from Android Market, it seems. South Koreans are more ardent users, according to the infographic, followed by those living in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The US appears in fourth place and is, incidentally, the highest placed non-Asian country.

According to Google’s data, the most popular time for downloading apps is at 9pm on a Sunday evening – is that to get hold of the latest games for the commute to the office at the start of a new week? Or possibly to help pass the time while actually working?

Games are the most popular category of apps that people choose to download – with the arcade variety taking top place for game type. Not wanting to neglect the gray mushy matter between the ears, brain games are the second most popular kind that people seek out.

By the looks of it, Android users are big movie fans, with 1.87 million hours having been spent using the Internet Movie Database app in the last four months alone.

And Talking Tom must be feeling rather battered and bruised – the downtrodden cat has been knocked down a head-hurting 10.6 billion times.

Users also get good use out of Google Maps, with a colossal 12 billion miles having been navigated, while budding linguists are translating 100 million words in 200 countries every week.

In the post on the Android Developers blog that introduces the infographic (shown below), Android users are reminded that, as part of celebrations marking the ten billion downloads, they can still pick up discounted apps for a few more days from here.

infographic shows android app use talking tom knocked down 10 6 billion times