Sony S2 dual-screen clamshell tablet rumored for 2011

S2We recently told you about the alleged Sony tablet, the S1. According to rumors and some very vague mockups, the nontraditional gaming tablet could be here as early as September. We also mentioned that Engadget had its hands on some information regarding another tablet-type patent Sony had filed last year, which the site has now released. According to “a pair of highly trusted and proven sources,” the internally named S2 could join the S1’s fall debut.

It’s a clamshell-shaped device with dual screens and Honeycomb OS. Apparently, Sony first described the S2 as an “electronic book with enhanced features,” but from the sounds of it, the device isn’t just a spin on the Kindle. At this point, the S2 looks like a concept device, and a strange one at that. The cylinder doesn’t really lend itself to mobility, and it seems like an ill-fated idea. The insiders cautiously say Sony plans to introduce the S2 to US, European, and Japanese markets next holiday season for around $699.

While we’re suspicious of its hardware, at least it’s packing some mildly impressive specs. Like the S1, it will sport a Tegra 2 processor, Wi-Fi, and 3G capability. As is generally assumed at this point, the device will include rear- and front-facing cameras. It will also run a Sony-optimized version of Android’s Honeycomb, like the S1, and fully integrate Qriocity media features. However, it’s uncertain whether or not the S2 will be PlayStation certified like its supposed predecessor.

The purported specs are all well and good — promising even — but we can’t get behind the design. It seems clunky, and if nothing else it’s definitely gimmicky. It doesn’t take away from our interest over the alleged PlayStation certified S1 tablet, which is piqued to say the least.

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