Toshiba 7.7-inch mystery tablet hands-on pictures: Compact OLED beauty

Toshiba’s name was mysteriously absent from the list of MWC 2012 attendees this year, but the company did manage to discreetly show off some new hardware at Nvidia’s booth. As you might expect given the real estate, the yet-unnamed tablet runs Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor, so it games like a champ. As you may not expect, the 7.7-inch screen is actually OLED, making it one of the larger OLED models we’ve seen along with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 (which actually launches on Verizon today). Besides the ultra-vivid OLED screen, the 7.7-inch display size lends itself nicely to gaming since your thumbs can easily reach all parts of the screen, and it’s quite thin and lightweight. Full specs were not available, but judging by the quality of product at MWC, we’re guessing we’ll hear more from Toshiba on this one shortly.