Vizio Co-Star update features Google Play enhancements, beefed up performance

vizio co starIt seems Vizio’s Co-Star set-top box has received an update just in time for the holidays. Headlining the move is an enhanced Google Play experience, which allows users to not only buy or rent directly through the Google Play Store, but to auto-sync purchases made on other devices with their Co-Star unit. Faster navigation, improved Audio/Video HDMI stability, and better Netflix functionality are a few more of the billed benefits. 

Put those all together, and you’ve got a pretty significant free upgrade to a device that already provides value. At just $100, the Co-Star compares favorably to other set-tops with respect to price point, and now it has received a functional boost that further justifies the expenditure; not to mention auto-syncing from other devices saves you from having to buy the same app twice.

The update became available yesterday and will automatically take effect over the coming days.