Apple to rescue MacBook Pro screens with worn out anti-glare coating

apple to rescue macbook screens with worn out anti glare coatings staining
Rafal Jot/Apple Forum

As much as Apple devices may be known for their high quality Retina displays, classy looks, and price tags to match, the anti-reflective coatings for its displays have left a lot to be desired. Over the past year, there have been many reports of users who have seen the coating wear off, leaving a mottled look that can make it hard to see the screen itself. However, at long last it looks like Apple may be set to do something about it.

Apple is said to be quietly launching a new support program to help those with less-than-perfect displays, as per MacRumors. The program will see anyone with a problematic display have their anti-glare coating or the display itself entirely replaced by Apple. You’re eligible for this for three years after your purchase date, or until October 16, 2016 — whichever is longer.

Users who have already paid to have the problem fixed can contact Apple’s support for a possible refund.

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This will no doubt come as a relief to many, as a good number of users have reported experiencing the problem. Although there doesn’t appear to be one particular cause, some have cited wear coming from pressure from the keyboard on the display when the MacBook is closed, as well as the more abrasive cleaning solutions than are typically recommended by Apple for keeping the MacBook good as new.

Those affected by this issue can take their laptop along to their local Apple store and make an appointment with the Geniuses there. If there isn’t one near you, however, you can also pay a visit to an Apple Authorized Service Provider where it will be confirmed if your device is covered by the new program. Some customers may be contacted directly, as Apple doesn’t appear too keen on publicly announcing this new service.