Gallery: Apple EarPods aim to fit any ear, boost sound quality

Full Coverage From Apple's 9/12 iPhone 5 Launch Event Looking back at Apple’s press conference today and all of the new products announced, you could easily argue that the focus was more on form than function. The new iPhone and iPods are thinner, lighter, and have bigger screens — but their functions haven’t improved too drastically. On the flip side, Apple’s new EarPods appear to be a total overhaul of its previous earbuds, even if they don’t look all that different. This new design is the result of rigorous research and development in which Apple scanned hundreds of ears to analyze their shape, and help create a headphone that will be comfortable for anyone to wear. We have yet to get our hands on a pair, but Apple claims that the EarPods will boast vastly improved sound quality as well. Stay tuned for a review in the coming days.