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Apple reportedly names over-ear headphones AirPods Studio, with $349 price tag

Apple’s long-rumored over-ear headphones will reportedly launch as the AirPods Studio, staying within the branding of the company’s popular wireless earbuds.

The information that the accessory will be named the AirPods Studio comes from tech analyst and well-known leaker Jon Prosser, who also claimed that the over-ear headphones will come with a price tag of $349.

Looks like Apple is sticking with the “AirPods” branding for their new over-ear headphones.

AirPods Studio
Codename: B515

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) May 9, 2020

There were concerns that the AirPods branding was too closely linked to Apple’s wireless earbuds, but according to Prosser, the “Pods” brand refers to music for Apple, as also seen in the naming of the iPod and EarPods.

Rumors of Apple’s over-ear headphones were reignited in March, after two icons displaying light and dark models of the accessory were spotted by 9to5Mac in iOS 14 code.

A month later, Prosser claimed that Apple was aiming to unveil the over-ear headphones at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, while already mentioning a possible price point of $350.

The over-ear headphones will reportedly focus on customizability, according to a Bloomberg report, which claimed that the modular headphones will feature swappable ear pads and headband paddings. The components will attach to the frame magnetically, allowing for easy replacement.

There will also reportedly be two versions of the AirPods Studio, namely one with a high-end leather finish, and the other with lighter materials with small perforations aimed at fitness enthusiasts.

AirPods Studio, AirPods X

In response to a query about another rumored Apple accessory, the AirPods X, Prosser claimed that it was different from the AirPods Studio, as it will be a sports-oriented version of the wireless earbuds that will be released later this year.

Prosser has also previously tweeted about the AirPods X, saying that it will be sold at $200 when it is released in September of October. The leaker added that this version of the AirPods is probably what DigiTimes was referring to as the AirPods Pro Lite in its reports.

With the AirPods Studio and the AirPods X, Apple’s end goal is to “phase out Beats,” according to Prosser. While Apple has not officially confirmed the accessories, there is certainly potential for the AirPods line to fully replace Beats products in the company’s catalog.

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