HipstaCase 100 turns your iPhone 4 into a nostalgic novelty

Yes, your iPhone 4 is a shiny piece of modern technology, but if you’d rather make it look a little bit more like something you grew up with, why not give it the Hipstamatic treatment? Started in the 80s, the original Hipstamatic was a cheap plastic camera modeled off of similar Russian-designed toy cameras. If you grew up in the 80s or early 90s you might have snapped some photos with one. If retro is your thing, the people over at HipstaMart sell the HipstaCase 100 ($40), which has just the right amount of nostalgic kitsch. The simple black case is a snap-on style that offers protection for your iPhone while allowing access to all ports. The case is styled to look just like the old-school camera and even has a hidden tripod adapter on the front to help you take even better photos. The photos won’t look like a Hipstamatic, but it’s okay because there’s an app for that. Combine the two and it’s almost like you’ve got the same thing, only much, much more expensive.

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