Kensington Starts Bringing Accessories to The iPad

Apple’s iPod and iPhone product lines have spawned whole ecosystems of accessories…and accessory makers seem to be betting the iPad will do the same thing. Today Kensington took the wraps off a reversible sleeve, sling bag, and car charger…all aimed at making future iPad owners’ lives more pleasant.

kensington starts bringing accessories to the ipad sling bag

First up, the $19.99 Sling Bag for iPad lets iPad users sling their new favorite gizmo over their shoulder, along with a handful of other essential gear like cables, flash drives, and (gasp) maybe even some pieces of paper. Although named for the iPad, the Sling Bag will comfortably handle many netbooks and tablet PCs, along with their peripherals. However, iPad customers looking for a Sling Bag will have to wait a bit: the iPad launches in the U.S. on April 3, but the Sling Bag won’t hit retailers until April 30.

kensington starts bringing accessories to the ipad reversible sleeve

For a little immediate protection, users can grab the Reversible Sleeve for iPad—and it’s available right now for $9.99. The neoprene sleeve protects an iPad from scratches, moisture, dirt, and bumps, and can be reversed to be either black or grey on the outside. Although named for the iPad, the device can handle most flat gizmos from 7 to 10 inches in size: that includes a lot of netbooks and tablet PCs…or even (gasp!) a Kindle.

kensington starts bringing accessories to the ipad powerbolt micro car charger

Finally, for some juice on the go, Kensington is looking to one-up Apple’s $29.99 10W Ac adapter with its $24.99 PowerBolt Micro Car Charger. The PowerBolt outputs 2.1 amps so there’s plenty of juice to top off an iPad or iPhone while you’re driving, and the charger features a low-profile (e.g. “not white”) profile that blends into many car interiors and doesn’t scream “Apple gear inside” to any car prowlers nearby. The PowerBolt Micro Car Charger for iPad will go on sale April 3 from both Kensington and at Apple stores.