Parrot AR.Drone lets you control toy helicopter from iPhone

parrot ar drone lets you control toy helicopter from iphone xl

This miniature helicopter, or quadricopter as it may be called, is so advanced that it can be controlled by your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The Parrot AR.Drone has an onboard Wi-Fi system, allowing it to communicate with your Apple device. Thanks to this network, another AR.Drone user can join the Wi-Fi action and battle your own quadricopter via the network.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor fun, the foam hull shield protects the blades from household objects that might get in the way, and the hull itself is aerodynamic for more precise outdoor play. Two cameras are embedded to give you a full view of your surroundings via your Apple device. Beyond that, the Parrot AR.Drone is compatible with augmented reality flying games and features an ultrasound altimeter for hovering capabilities.

We first spotted the AR.Drone at CES 2010, but it’s available now through Parrot for $300.