Rumor: Apple to introduce a new, different type of Mac


We’ve heard rumblings that the MacBook Air is where Apple is taking its lineup of Macs. Today’s rumor seems to verify this. claims that Apple is preparing to unveil a new line of MacBooks that are different from anything currently on the market. They are so different that they may get a new name or brand identity all together. Unfortunately, the rumor is extremely vague on details, but does note that the new Macs may debut before the “end of this year.”

AppleInsider claims that is somewhat hit or miss with rumors. The brief and vague nature of the report also lends itself to a lot of criticism. The new product, if there is one, could be a line of MacBook Pros that are taking on a MacBook Air design philosophy, meaning they’re much thinner, have no disc drives, and have a solid state drive instead of a moving hard drive. This makes sense, as laptop PCs seem to be moving in the direction of solid state drives. 

If this is the case, however, it seems likely that the source would have mentioned the MacBook Air as these would essentially look a lot like it, just bigger. We’ll keep you posted, but until we hear more, take this rumor lightly.