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Businesswoman? Learn about DWEN, Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network

Even in these modern times, women and specifically women entrepreneurs continue to face unique challenges when working to create fantastic businesses for us all to enjoy. That’s why Dell has set up the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network. It’s a network designed to connect women entrepreneurs around the world, inspire them with their stories, and transform their business to continue powering forward.

With members from over 118 countries, DWEN facilitates a vibrant and diverse community of peers, fosters meaningful connections, and bridge access to new markets and business opportunities. Women entrepreneurs have free access to DWEN.

At a time when women-owned businesses are growing the fastest in the small business market (at 21% compared to 9% of businesses overall), there are fantastic opportunities for women out there who want to spread their wings and pursue their own path in business. There’s a lot to celebrate here, including the fact that women of color are going into small business even faster with twice the number embarking on a fantastic journey of business discovery.

However, it’s not all good news, with venture capital investment in all-female founding teams representing only 2.8% of capital invested across the entire U.S. startup ecosystem. Women are generally receiving $5,000 less in loan size compared to men and that’s far from right.

Fortunately, that’s where DWEN comes in to help, aiming to provide a foundation for growth. Its members represent 118 countries including places as diverse as Iceland, Tanzania, and even the North Pole. Business and industries involved include healthcare, marketing, business services, IT, education, and financial services. Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, the organization has managed to develop over 30 chapters across the globe, each organically hosting virtual events based on the needs of their local areas and ecosystems.

So, how does the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network help women in business? Besides extensive meetings and community gatherings that have been demonstrated to help facilitate business deals and connections between members, it also offers extensive resources.

The website offers a robust community site that’s full of educational materials, mentorship opportunities, inspirational podcasts, as well as content from partners such as Fast Company, Intel, and legal firm, Hogan Lovells.

DWEN also provides its members with coaching sessions known as Empower Hour. These one-to-many coaching sessions are led by Wiseher, a new partner with DWEN. Wiseher is a female-founded company that hooks users up to professional coaches, consultants, and mentors for one-to-one sessions on many useful topics. DWEN has arranged a series of sessions with the company so all its members can learn more about marketing, leadership, funding, and much more.

DWEN and Dell’s Government Affairs team also has women’s backs in terms of presenting on the status of government funding and aid for small businesses including PPP. Such counsel led to several members being able to secure necessary funding.

It also has partnerships with organizations like Black Girl Venture, with DWEN subsidizing the costs of BGV monthly memberships for members, along with sponsoring its pitch competition where $10,000 in funding will be given out.

Finally, thanks to DWEN being part of Dell, there are special offers available on Dell products for all its members. You also receive access to a portfolio of technology solutions and small business advisors so you can make sure you use technology in the most effective way for your firm.

Networking and forming a community are always a great way of ensuring your small business grows and you feel more like you’re part of something bigger than just yourself. At a time when we’re all feeling a little more isolated, DWEN has stayed on top of the shift to digital and virtual means, ensuring no one is left behind during these uncertain times.

DWEN is at the same time growing from strength to strength. In just a few months, it has grown to have over 20,000 active members all around the world. That’s up from 5,000 earlier this year, and it’s sure to become stronger and more helpful to its membership as it continues to grow.

DWEN membership comprises three different types; female founders and business owners who wish to use the community to advance their business, product, or service; aspiring entrepreneurs who are in the midst of building or pursuing their own business venture; and DWEN champions who include investors, partners, and Dell Technologies Team members who are there to support female entrepreneurs.

Whatever your motivation for joining DWEN, this is a fantastic time to become a part of the organization. Whether you want to help those working their way up right now, or need the assistance yourself, it’s great to become a part of something bigger that helps us all feel a little bit more connected during these strange times. Register today and make a big step forward in achieving your goals.

Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen is a technology writer with over 10 years of experience. She primarily writes about the best deals coverage…
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