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Semrush Free Trial: Try the advanced online marketing tool

Marketing will make or break your new venture. A lot more goes into running a traditional or ecommerce business than just registering a new domain, making a website — even with a Wix free trial — and calling it a day. Potential customers must be made aware that your business exists, and for that to happen in the digital age, you need to make use of modern online marketing tools. That’s a broad field, though, encompassing keyword research, search engine optimization, data analytics, and other elements that can be pretty technical (not to mention intimidating) to the uninitiated. Enter Semrush, one of the best online marketing suites that makes all that stuff easy — but it’s not free. Maybe you want to give it a try before signing up for a premium subscription? If that’s the case and you are looking for a Semrush free trial, then you’re in luck. Read on. We have all the details for you, below.

Is there a Semrush free trial?

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There is indeed a Semrush free trial, although it’s not a long one, unfortunately. When you sign up through Digital Trends, you can try out the Semrush Pro plan for 14 days after entering your payment information. This lets you work with five projects, gives you 500 keywords to track daily, and analytics for keywords, domain names, and backlinks. You can also manage social media campaigns and get technical insights to optimize your website. You can .

If you don’t yet have a website, you might want to take advantage of the Squarespace free trial first, then sign up for the Semrush free trial and give the online marketing tool a spin. After all, you won’t get the most out of Semrush unless you can actually implement the tools it offers for your site or online business. The Squarespace trial is for 14 days, too, so you should have ample time to familiarize yourself with it.

Can you get Semrush for free?

There’s currently no way to get the complete Semrush toolkit totally free — only the Semrush free trial lets you do that for the Pro plan, and only for a limited time — but you can sign up for a free account that gives you limited access to some of the features and services. With a , you can create and manage a single project, and you’re limited to tracking 10 keywords and requesting 10 analytics reports per day. You don’t have to enter any payment information to create a free Semrush account.

Are there any Semrush deals?

If you’ve signed up for the Semrush free trial and decided you’d like to keep using the service for your website, then the best way to save some money is by opting for a yearly plan rather than a monthly subscription. The Semrush pricing structure breaks down to $130 per month for the Pro plan, $250 per month for the Guru plan, and $500 for the top-tier Business plan. If you pay annually, however, then you can get the Pro plan for an average cost of $108 per month, the Guru plan for $208 per month, or the Business plan for $416 per month, saving you up to 17%. Of course, you have to pay in advance to avail yourself of the yearly rate, so you’ll want to make sure you’re willing to commit to it before pulling the trigger.

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