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Is there a Surfshark free trial? What you need to know

While browsing online your location, identity, and related data could use a kind of shield — protecting it all from prying eyes. A VPN is one answer to that problem, helping you remain anonymous and relatively safe. Surfshark is one of the best VPN services in 2022, and it’s also among the most feature-rich and affordable. It’s not free, however, which might leave you a little hesitant to sign up. But if you’re looking to subscribe to a virtual private network and aren’t yet 100% sure you want to hand over your hard-earned cash, it makes sense to look for a service that provides a free trial period. Does Surfshark have a trial offer available? We’ve got the scoop on the Surfshark free trial right here, along with some answers to other questions you might have.

Is there a Surfshark free trial?

Surfshark interface displayed on a Mac screen.
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Most VPN operators do not offer free trials, but Surfshark is an exception. There’s no NordVPN free trial, for example, just as there is no ExpressVPN free trial — these are arguably the two most popular virtual private network services in the world, and like most others, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee but you still have to pay as soon as you sign up (you can still cancel and get a refund with that 30-day period, though

). By contrast, there is a seven-day Surfshark free trial, but there’s a catch: It’s only available for the Android, iOS, and MacOS Surfshark VPN client. You do have to hand over your payment information and make your account to access the trial, as well. Surfshark still offers the industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee, though, and that applies to the entire service, so you can give it a spin risk-free for one month.

Can you get Surfshark for free?

There’s currently no way to get Surfshark for free; the seven-day Surfshark free trial is pretty much it, and as mentioned above, it’s only for the mobile and MacOS VPN client. VPN providers also rarely participate in third-party promotions that would let you sign up for their services for free. We generally suggest that you don’t use a free VPN, either. The best ones — Surfshark included — are paid. The good news that they’re not that expensive, and there are almost always VPN deals on tap.

Are there any Surfshark deals?

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VPN deals abound, with virtual private network operators regularly running promotions for new subscribers. Along with offering its seven-day VPN free trial, Surfshark also gets in on these deals. Generally, you can sign up for most VPNs on a monthly or yearly billing basis (some providers also offer quarterly or six-month subscriptions), and the more “time” you buy, the lower your per-month average cost is. The price for a flexible month-to-month subscription is a higher monthly payment, so by opting for a longer subscription term, you can save some cash. Of course, you have to prepay, and then you’re basically locked into that subscription plan after your “money back guarantee” time period is up, if there is one.

Surfshark’s current regular pricing comes to $13 per month, $48 for the first year (which averages to $4 per month), or $60 for the first two years (for an average monthly cost of just $2.50). The 24-month plan is clearly the best value, and with an average monthly price of less than $3 per month, this makes Surfshark one of the cheapest VPNs out there. However, right now, Surfshark is sweetening the deal even further: Enter code surfsharkdeal at the order page and you’ll get an additional two months added to your two-year plan for free. That gives you a total of 26 months of service with an average monthly price of $2.30.

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