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Work/Life: Fostering leadership in a time of uncertainty

On this episode of Work/Life, Ciara Pressler, founder of Pregame, sits down with Greg Nibler to talk about the current business climate during the outbreak of COVID-19, aka coronavirus, and how leadership can be fostered and developed during these uncertain times. Leadership isn’t just for elected officials, or bosses, or group leads; it’s for every single one of us, and in circumstances where every day brings new changes and new challenges, each of us fostering our own inner leaders can bring calm and stability to an ever-changing world.

In times like this, it’s not just the hired leaders that should step up into a leadership position. There is always an opportunity for the rest of us to step up, and there are always ways to lead, whether it’s in your professional life or your personal life. “The first piece of advice is just to show up,” says Pressler. Call your contacts — not as a sales proposition, but just to check in. “Be a human being,” Pressler says. Be available, check the way you are communicating with both clients and partners, and be out in front making sure connections still happen.

Also, Pressler says, be careful about the information you’re spreading, whether its via social media or to your work and social circles. “We really need to let health authorities talk about health. Stay in your lane,” she says. “We need to return to listening to the experts.”

“Communication is key. It’s a great time to put out relevant content and communication with transparency,” she continues. If you have to adjust, or if you have to cancel and delay, just be honest. We’re all in this together. Show empathy to people who are stressed or upset, and give people room to be uncomfortable and to grieve. “We’re all missing opportunities,” so we don’t need to put on a fake, brave face.

Finally, “find a place where you can give more than usual,” Pressler encourages. What are the ways you can help? What can you do? How can you be in your work and life communities and offer assistance, encouragement, help, and a place to listen? “There is always an opportunity, so find it,” Pressler says.

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