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Work/Life: Making and keeping New Year’s resolutions and goals

On this episode of Work/Life, Greg Nibler sits down with Ciara Pressler, author and founder of Pregame, to discuss one of the biggest topics that comes up every New Year: Making goals and resolutions. Pressler provides tips, tricks, and strategies to help you navigate the challenges and setbacks that many of us face when we lay out our plans for the upcoming year.

First, we have to take an honest look at why most resolutions fail. “We often make goals or resolutions that we don’t really want,” notes Pressler. “It’s so important to be honest with yourself, or you’re going to sabotage yourself.”

Often, our goals may be too big – or too small. “Understanding the magnitude of your goals is important, and knowing that they’re the right fit for you will affect the outcome,” adds Nibler. “Take it a little at a time, and give yourself room to fail,” Pressler adds. “Your goal needs a habit component,” because habits eventually become solid and hard to break

You also want to leverage human psychology, notes Pressler. “Humans are social creatures,” so leverage that into an accountability group that will help you stay on course. “Have something in mind, and have other people be involved in that goal,” says Nibler.

Also, says Pressler, create an environment that is conducive to the goals you set. “If your goal is to drink more water, then always have water around,” she says. “Hacking” your surroundings and environment to help you achieve your goals is a must. “We often sabotage ourselves with the environments we’re in or the people we surround ourselves with. Make your goals easier to accomplish,” she adds.

Finally, Pressler notes, “find a goal that lines up with your core values or your identity,” because those tend to motivate you to accomplish them. “If you tie your goals into the person you want to be, that really drives you.”

If you’re interested in learning more about setting goals and sticking to resolutions, and you would like to utilize a workbook, Pressler’s book Pregame is available to use in an individual or group setting.

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