2014 Mercedes S-Class to feature unparalleled levels of tech and refinement

Mercedes S-Class teaser

For several months now we’ve been learning little tidbits about the forthcoming 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Now we’ve learned the tentative unveil date and some drivetrain and tech details.

Mercedes plans to debut the all-new S-Class this May at an invite-only event, most likely in Germany. Production will begin in August on the base S-Class – if it’s even really fair to call any S-Class “base.” The S350 will then officially launch in September with the S550 4MATIC and the S63 AMG 4MATIC following in October and November respectively.

The S-Class will feature a new nine-speed automatic transmission, which is a derivative of the current seven-speed offering. The new nine-speed, which transmission manufacture ZF says is the physical limit for modern automatics, provides the S-Class with all-new levels of fuel efficiency and sportiness.

On the inside, S-Class customers will be greeted with levels of refinement and technology never before seen on the S-Class. Mercedes designers have developed a cabin air quality control system called “Air Balance Package” that filters, ionizes, and also perfumes air entering the S-Class cabin.

On the tech front, the S-Class will feature two 12.3-inch displays. One will be mounted in the center console, which will display the COMAND system, and one in place of the instrument cluster. According to WorldCarFans, an Audi MMI-like touch-pad system will be included in 2015 S-Classes.

Now that Daimler has done away with the Maybach brand, the S-Class has to step up and compete against the high-end luxury brands. To do this, Mercedes has designed a new suspension control system called “Magic Body Control.” This innovative system uses forward-facing cameras to watch for motorway imperfections and adjusts the suspension accordingly to limit passenger disturbance.

To distinguish the S-Class from its competition further, Mercedes plans to build a four-door convertible version of the S-Class, much like its 2007 Ocean Drive concept. To us, this means the S-Class is just about to lose a whole lot of its fuddy-duddy persona and become a lot more stylish.

When we know more – hopefully before May – we’ll be sure to bring it to you.