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Mercedes-Benz’s 2015 S65 AMG Coupe is a V12 symphony of black magic and engineering

The Mercedes S-Class, with its unique blend of technology, luxury, power and exclusivity, is widely considered to be the world’s “ultimate car”. That being said, though, not many eight-year-olds fantasize about growing up to drive the big German executive car. The latest addition to the S-Class lineup might change all that. The upcoming 2015 S65 AMG Coupe isn’t just a stunning technical achievement; it’s a seventeen-foot-long, fire-breathing V12 symphony of black magic and engineering.

The heart of this sinister titan is a 6.0-liter biturbo V12 that produces truly draconic levels of power. In technical terms, that translates to 621 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. For comparison, a brand new Lamborghini Huracán puts out 610 hp and a measly 413 lb-ft of torque. Getting that kind of power in an executive coupe is just insanity.

However, at least so far, that power hasn’t translated into the insane levels of speed that might be expected. Mercedes estimates a 0 to 60 time of 4.0 seconds, which is really fast. But for comparison the bigger, less powerful Audi S8 does 0 to 60 – unofficially –  in 3.4 seconds. That difference is probably down to the fact that the S65 AMG has to put down its truly biblical levels of power through its rear wheels alone. It’s worth speculating that Mercedes may still be able to shave time off of that number by working on the traction and stability control.

2015 S65 AMG Coupe

But once those 738 rampaging torques are reigned in, and the S65 AMG is off the line, it will accelerate like all four horsemen of the apocalypse are following. And it will keep on accelerating all the way up to its electronically limited top speed of 186 mph.

What’s more, Mercedes AMG division has applied its latest and greatest technical witchcraft to get the massive car to go around corners. The S65 AMG has cameras that view the road ahead to detect undulations and imperfections in the road and adjust the suspension. Naturally, the Germans must be outraged to discover all the messed up roads out there. This insane technology makes the ride more comfortable and stable at speed.

Even crazier is the Magic Body Control system that allows the suspension to lean into bends, in the same way a motorcyclist would. Mercedes is careful to point out that this system is not actually designed to make the car to go faster, rather it is supposed to “heighten” the driving experience. It may be a bit silly, but, frankly, I can’t wait to try driving a 621-hp Mercedes that leans into the bends.

The performance is really only half the story: The S65 AMG features all of the technical and luxury features of the standard S-Class. That means that the interior is a sumptuous blend of leather and computer parts that wouldn’t be out of place on the Google campus. Not only does the S65 get a massive touch screen, it also has a heads-up display and a touchpad that can recognize handwriting. AMG has added a few touches of their own as well. The most noticeable of these are the Nappa leather sport seats, which feature diamond-pattern perforations and shiny AMG badges.

Perhaps more than anything else, though, the big S-Class coupe stands out on its sheer presence. This sort of massive two-door coupe is something that we haven’t seen since the 1970s. The massive sweeping hood and the low-slung rear-end give this car an unquestionable charisma and takes it beyond impressive to extremely desirable.

The S65 AMG isn’t just a Mercedes that anyone would be thrilled to own; it’s a Mercedes that belongs on a poster. And that is an achievement that really might make the big Merc’ a truly ultimate car.

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