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2017 6.2-liter Ford F-250 owners: Use the parking brake when you put it in park

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If you drive a 2017 6.2-liter Ford F-250, there’s been a recall. An issue with the transmission when you put it in park could let the truck roll, according to a Ford Motor Company announcement. Ford was not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the issue at the time of the announcement.

Ford issued the safety compliance recall April 1, 2017. The recall applies to more than 52,000 Ford F-250 gasoline-powered 6.2-liter vehicles. All of the potentially affected vehicles were built at Ford’s Louisville, Kentucky assembly plant from October 9, 2017, to March 20, 2017. The 52,680 vehicles involved in the recall are all in North America. Of the total number recalled, 48,421 are in the United States and federalized territories and 4,143 are in Canada.

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According to Ford’s announcement, “In the affected vehicles, a damaged park rod actuating plate might not achieve mechanical park within the automatic transmission after the driver moves the shift lever to park. If the parking brake is not applied, this could result in unintended vehicle movement with the gear selector in park without warning, increasing the risk of injury or crash.”

This recall differs from the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee recall in which the electronic shift selector moved back to neutral after being put in park or in a gear, which made it difficult for owners to know when the Jeep was actually in park. In Ford F-250, the gear selector position isn’t ambiguous, but the internal issue with the park rod actuating plate is the problem.

Ford’s reference number for this recall is 17C06. According to Slashgear, the replacement parts are not available yet but owners will be contacted when the necessary parts are available.

If you have one of the recalled trucks, Ford dealers will inspect and replace the park rod actuating plate if necessary. There will be no cost to the customer. If you are unsure if your F-250 truck is part of the recall, You can enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) at the NHTSA Recall website.

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