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Land Rover's next Discovery will lose the boxy, evolutionary design and adopt a sleeker look

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Land Rover is preparing to completely reinvent the Discovery. A brand new model will be presented next March at the Geneva Motor Show, and a report coming out of England gives us insight into what we can expect from it.

Few will be surprised to learn the next Discovery will essentially be a toned-down version of the Discovery Vision concept (pictured) that was presented at last year’s edition of the New York Motor Show. That means it will fall in line with Land Rover’s recent design language thanks to styling cues such as a tall front end, thin headlights, and slim horizontal tail lamps. The concept’s rakish C-pillar — a discreet homage to the original Discovery that was introduced over 25 years ago — will make the jump from concept to production unchanged.

The next Discovery will continue to offer seating for up to seven passengers, and it will be built with improved materials that will give the cabin a more upscale feel. Land Rover has previously hinted it will make sure the SUV is as versatile as possible by offering an interior that can be configured to offer space for two passengers, for seven passengers, or any number of heads in between with relative ease. Most trim levels will ship with the latest generation of the British car maker’s touch screen-based infotainment system.

British magazine Autocar reports the Discovery will ride on an evolution of the aluminum platform that underpins the latest Range Rover, a shift that will allow it to shed a considerable amount of weight. The SUV will be powered by four- and six-cylinder gasoline- and diesel-burning engines, but whether the oil-burners are sold on our side of the pond largely depends on how the diesel-powered Range Rover that was launched recently is received by premium buyers. Of course, all-wheel drive will continue to come standard.

More information about the all-new Land Rover Discovery will trickle out over the coming months, and the off-roader will be unveiled online in the days leading up to the Geneva show. It’s scheduled to go on sale across the nation in time for the 2018 model year.

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